Coaching for Calling

Although my calling has never been more clear,  it is still hard. In order to focus on becoming a life-coach in 2016, I have to shed something.

Currently, I coordinate a tutoring program that helps struggling elementary school students improve in their academics. Each week, eighteen tutors arrive to assist their student with their homework.  One of my favorite parts of tutoring happens toward the end…kids and tutors get to hear a Bible Message where a pin drop could be heard on most days. The children become absorbed in the lesson and get amazed at the life of Jesus and how much He loves people.  When we wrap up the lesson, hands eagerly shoot up to volunteer to pray. It is the most sacred two minutes of my week.

But now it is time to let it go. In order to get certified as a life-coach, I will need to take classes the same time tutoring takes place. Don’t worry; I found another person to take over for me who loves these little ones and their tutors. She has what she needs to succeed.

God know my heart and how I hang on too long to really great things so he encouraged me yesterday after tutoring. The new person who is taking over for me is looking for a…wait for it…LIFE COACH!!! She asked me to coach her as I am getting certified. What a privilege and honor to be asked to be someone’s coach; to listen to and hear heart’s longings, desires, conflicts and ultimately help someone bloom through it all. I believe it was God’s way of helping me turn the program over to another and affirm my decision to move forward in coaching.

When we take steps to live the life God meant us to, there will be resistance, doubt, fear, and the temptation to give up and stick to the life we are currently living.  However,  there is so much more God wants for us!

What is your God-sized life goal or dream? What will it take for you to move toward it? Are you willing to trust God for an exciting adventure? If you are, grab a pen and some paper and write your longings as a prayer. Keep me posted, I would love to hear where you are heading in 2016!



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