Peppa Pig in a Barbie World!

Peppa Pig visita el Corte Inglés de Tres de Mayo para saludar a sus ...

My four-year old proudly chose her back pack from the Target aisle! “Mommy, it’s Peppa Pig wearing a tutu! I want this one!” “Great, let’s go!” I proclaimed after what felt like hours of school supply shopping.

As Gracie began her first week of school, she carried that over-sized darling pink back pack to her cubby and put it on the little hook next to her friend’s backpack.  We were off to a good start but as I was meeting and greeting the moms, I noticed that I was probably the oldest mom in the room. The moms around me looked between 25-30 years old. I couldn’t help but admire their cute tiny figures and the way they could bend down without holding on to a chair as they kissed their little ones goodbye. I was definitely in a new world of moms.

Later that night, Gracie showed me that Peppa had something attached to her tutu. It was a velcro skirt. I wondered if I had missed that detail at Target and shrugged my shoulders as I attached it to Peppa.  “A little small ,” I thought, “but must have come with the backpack…Cute!”

When we went back to school the next day, I realized what had happened. Gracie’s cubby-partner had a dress up  Barbie backpack. Barbie had been sharing her clothes with Peppa who accidentally wore the outfit home. The teacher said, “I thought it looked a little small for Peppa’s waistline…wishful thinking, Peppa!” We all had a good laugh, returned the skirt to Barbie and went on our merry way.

But, on the drive home, I couldn’t help feeling a bit like Peppa in a Barbie world. How often do I want to fit into smaller clothes and wear yoga pants that don’t stretch out so much you can see through them? Instead, will I learn a lesson from Peppa who proudly wears her tutu and smiles big?!  Will I show up in all of who God made me and become friends with others who don’t look like me? Or will I compare, judge and live in fear?

Being Peppa in a  Barbie’s world is a choice. Instead of comparing myself to others, I want to be the best me I can possibly be and offer friendship and even my tutu if Barbie ever wants to borrow it, although she may need a belt. LOL!

How might you be feeling like Peppa in a Barbie’s world today? Is perfection keeping you down? How might you put on courage and trust today to know how loved you are and accept that your tutu is  just as good as Barbie’s tiny skirt? Take a moment and write down what you have to offer to others. Blessings!

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