During my quiet time a few months ago, I felt the Lord speak to me that He was planting me as a seed and I would need to be underground and in the dark for an unspecified time but that He intended to grow something beautiful. He asked me to water my soul with words of affirmation and by stating my desires and hopes. My watering can poured out truths from His word and reminders of who God is calling me to be.

Metaphorically speaking, sitting in the dark and not knowing what was happening was a bit daunting but I had faith that I would “sprout” at some point. I took time to ask God to grow me into a beautiful Peony flower all bloomy and beautiful or into an elegant and lovely rose. Since He is the Master Gardener, I will trust His work and hope he doesn’t choose to make me into a big bumpy cantaloupe.

Recently, I felt a shift in my spirit and realized that God had not only “sprouted” the seed He had planted but that it had become a shoot. Something is growing and it is alive inside me (no, I am not pregnant, thank God!).

So what’s next?  I wait…I pray…I water my heart with truth…I cultivate discipline…I dream…and I hope….

I hope He gives me speaking abilities, leadership skills and the ability to inspire people to go for their God-given goals and desires. I pray He helps me teach Sunday school children about Him and to care for those who teach each Sunday. I hope he uses me to do something beautiful for Him.

If you were to look inside yourself to see what God is growing, what would it be? Are you nurturing it and taking time to acknowledge the growth? Although God is the one who causes things to grow, He wants to hear from us about our dreams. If you could draw the seed packet cover, what would your picture look like? Don’t be afraid to ask God for what you really want.

May we become who God intended us to be as flowers in His Beautiful Garden. Amen!

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