“I love your shirt! And is that your beautiful little girl?” she asked while passing me on the toy aisle on her way to the pharmacy. We stopped to chat about how cute clothes are for kids today opposed to when she was  a child (I’d say in about 1940). I could have talked to this lady forever! Why? Because she was an encourager! She saw me! She affirmed me as a mom, a woman, and person alive in this world. She made my soul feel good!

I had taken my little one to the doctor earlier and ran a couple of errands. In reviewing my day, I can’t remember anyone saying hello or stopping to chat. I doubt I even made eye contact with anyone prior to this lovely bubbly bright pink wearing lady.

Where are you, O Encouragers?! We need you! Please stop us when we look like zombies and say hello. Notice our children and how weary we are as we get them in and out of car seats all day. Notice us and sprinkle a little water into our droopy souls as you smile or give us a compliment. Let us know with your body language that we might actually be good parents and that we will get through this day. We need you! You have so much to offer.

Thank you, dear encouraging woman at Walgreens! You changed my day, my mood, my heart, and my blog post.

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