A Cluttered Stove Top!

Recently, I took a life-coaching class from Steve Garcia called, Let ‘s Roll: Healthy, Happy, High-Impact Leadership. After assessing my life by answering a series of questions and using a  pie chart called,  The Wheel of Life,  I determined what was going well and what needed some TLC.

I scored pretty well in Work and Education, Money, Spiritual and Personal Growth, and I am pretty content with my Physical Environment. Great! So what were my lowest scores? Health & Self-Care and Love & Intimacy. . . now what?

Although I  acknowledge myself for going to doctor and dentist appointments throughout my life, I am realizing that I am not sleeping or moving enough and I want to lose weight. And even though I love my dear husband and feel safe and secure with him, I realize that life gets busy and I was missing opportunities to connect with him.

So, I took a good look at what I needed to do, grabbed my hearty class workbook, and set some goals:

1. Take weight loss and getting into shape seriously. This means carving out time in my schedule for working out and actually showing up. It means setting goals such as burning 300-500 calories a day on the treadmill at least 4 times per week. My next step is to work with a trainer to help me know how to use the workout equipment that looks so daunting and scary.

2. Love and Intimacy go hand in hand so I  decided that I want to commit to spend time with my husband, encourage him, and plan date nights (even if it is only an hour). The rest will follow.

How about you? Have you set some goals recently? Are you making progress or getting frustrated that you can’t get traction? It takes a while to figure this stuff out so be kind to yourself along the way.

Just so you know, even though my plan looks good on paper, I am struggling; I am an overachiever and have about 16 other goals that I created. Steve encouraged me to think about goal-setting in relation to a stove-top.  A person can only focus on cooking what’s on the front burners while the other two pots may simmer in the back. We can realistically only make progress on four goals at a time without getting frazzled in the kitchen. Instead, I am trying to do a year’s worth of cooking in one afternoon. Sheesh! I am making a mess and getting frustrated often. I need to put some things away and clear some clutter off my kitchen counters and put away all but four pots. I am not sure how to tackle this all yet but today, I will get a work out in and spend some time with my husband. At the end of the day, I can place a check mark next to my front burner goals.

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