I am a lucky blogger. I can write just about anything without fear of anyone reading it. There is only one follower of coaching4calling….me! So what is it I want to say today?

First, I want to acknowledge myself for getting up at 6:00 am every Wednesday for the past three months to write. I have a dream to speak and write and am taking steps to make it happen.

Second, I want to encourage not only my own heart but other people who might be looking for someone to love them well during their growth pains. I read a verse today that said, “I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding”  (Jeremiah 3: 17, NKJ). May we all find real life pastors (The Good Shepherd, church pastors, life-coaches, friends, mentors, etc.) who will help us gain understanding in anything we might be facing.

Finally, I am getting closer to determining what I want my blog, my life, and my purpose to be about…encouraging & equipping Christians to find their God-given calling! As I seek my coaching certification, I want to be about coaching people to find their calling especially Sunday School teachers at our church.  My pastor, Steve Garcia says his mission is to, “serve the people who serve the people.” I want to, “serve the people who serve the children.”

That is it for now… no great blog post, just musings and thoughts to ponder for the day. I will leave us with this question:

If you were to sum up your life’s purpose in a statement, what would it be? My purpose in life is to … 

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