Confession Time!

Confession time… I talk too much, think about what I want to say before the other person is finished, get extremely angry at my husband for not good reasons, let my three year old watch way too much TV while I work, let my mind wander with thoughts that are not aligned with God’s will, and I think poorly of others and myself at times. There’s more but I need to keep this a blog post and not a War and Peace sized novel!

What does this say about my soul?

  • I am selfish at times.
  • My priorities might be out of focus.
  • I struggle with anger.
  • I trust myself more than I trust God at times.
  • My soul needs God’s unconditional love.

The good news is that “God is merciful, showing us our true hideousness only in proportion to the courage he gives us to bear the sight,” says John Ortberg…Wow!!!

I desperately want God to give me courage to bear the sight of my sins but not so I can beat myself up. God doesn’t even do that. Instead, He humbly gave up His life for me so I could walk in forgiveness and freedom. But I want to know what so easily ensnares me so I can grow.

Jacob in the Bible deceived his brother for his birthright. He had a heart that was deceptive. Later,  he was the one who was deceived and was given the wrong wife. He had to work for another seven years to get the woman of his dreams. Years later, Jacob was tricked again by his sons who had sold their little brother into slavery and told their father that he had been killed by a wild animal. Trickery! Deception! Repeated Sin! We all suffer from it!

What will the consequences of it be in our own lives? For me, it’s living with an unsettled and fractured soul.  My sins are like road-blocks that detour me instead of allowing me to run the race full speed ahead.

Let’s take some time and write an honest letter to God and confess our sins. Let Him fill us up with His cleansing and healing love. Then, let’s write ways we want to change as we move forward. Feel free to “share with the class” or keep it between you and God. As we progress, let’s trust Him enough to move forward in ALL He has for us!

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