Our Souls Need Rest!

“If you don’t come apart for a while, you will come apart in a while” says Ortberg (pg. 138). Dang! Rest is serious business it seems to God. In fact, observing the Sabbath made the top 10 list of the Big Rules of Life for Christians…right up there with not killing people, and not committing adultery. So what is rest and what might it look like in modern-day 2015?

The definition of rest according to Dictionary.com, means the following:
1. a time of refreshing ease or inactivity after exertion or labor;
2. relief or freedom, especially from anything that wearies, troubles, or disturbs;
3. mental or spiritual calm;
4.  to refresh oneself, as by sleeping, lying down, or relaxing;
5. to be at ease; to have tranquility or peace;
6.  to be quiet or still.
Close your eyes and try to think of the last time you were quiet or still apart from going to bed for the night. If our soul asked us today,
“What have you done for me lately,” what would we say? Would we be able to answer, “I gave you rest.” Or would we have to humbly say, “Not really much of anything!”
This week, I invite us all to rest. What does that look like to you? Grab a pen and jot down 5 ways you can rest. These are mine…
1. Take a nap and not feel guilty about it.
2. Intentionally take a slow walk around the block. Walk as slowly as possible.
3. Take deep breaths when I begin to feel anxious about all I have to get done.
4. Turn off every electronic device in our home for a period of time.
5. Don’t make any plans on a Saturday and just BE!! (No chores, to do list, no “catching up”).
Let’s see who can win at doing nothing this week. Ortberg says that, “The capacity to do nothing is actually evidence of a lot of spiritual growth” (pg. 137). Can’t wait to see who wins this challenge.
Please share your five ideas for rest. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Our Souls Need Rest!

  1. I walked so slowly today that people looked at me funny. It was so hard to just walk slowly and not speed up. Not sure if it will become a habit but definately fun to try!


  2. Excellent. Such good questions. My soul will thank you for this. And thanks for letting us use this article as our cover story for the Celebration Community Church Happenings Newsletter.

    Liked by 1 person

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