A Centered Soul

Quickly grab a pen and paper and write 5 things that you are concerned about at this moment? Here are mine:

  1. Moving into my calling as a life-coach and doing the work of starting a blog.
  2. Taking care of my pre-schooler
  3. Cleaning my home.
  4. Getting my work done.
  5. Trying to hear God and rest in him but feeling so busy and forgetting to breathe.

So how does one stay centered on God in the midst of life? I visualize a monk or someone like Dallas Willard sitting at a desk or working in their garden all day…alone…quietly…sagely….and centered! It seems like it would be a life that is perfect and un-messy.

That is far from my life with two children playing sports, doing homework, trying to keep up on the housework, and attempting to write. My life feels scattered, rushed and chaotic.

Fortunately, Ortberg says, “It’s not about perfection. It’s not about adequacy. It’s not about your competence….It’s about holding on to God, because the soul was made to be connected with him” (105).

Being centered on God is about knowing He is there every minute. Right now, as I type, He is here and watching me. He is encouraging me to breathe and to trust Him. He is smiling and saying, “Way to get your business done!” He is inviting me to talk to him in my mind, in my heart, and in my soul.

He is in my home as I struggle to learn patience from my three year old. He is listening to my phone conversations. He is at my workplace walking the halls with me, helping me notice the hurting student or teacher. Will I reach out and offer a word of encouragement? He is with me as I worry about learning all the social media tools to build a platform,

In all of this, He is whispering, “ I love you. I will open every door you need to walk through as you need it to open. Trust my timing. Do your part but you don’t have to get it all done in a day. Wait for Me.  Don’t move ahead of Me. If I call you, I will equip you. I don’t want you to fail. What kind of parent wants that? I do not demand perfection from you. I love you right now as I much as I will love you when you figure it all out. Be with me. Trust me. Follow me. Know me!

With this knowledge, how might we center our souls in His loving care? Think about what keeps you from Him. Ortberg suggests it is sin and troublesome thoughts!

Pick your pen back up! I invite you to write a letter to God about what is troubling you or even to confess your sins to Him. Wait long enough to hear His response and write what you think He is saying to you. Whatever He speaks will not contradict what His Word (The Bible) says so if you hear thoughts of judgement, condemnation & shame, it isn’t from Him. He speaks words of forgiveness and healing. May you center your soul today in His love and care for you and this world He created!


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