While preparing the Sunday school lesson for Palm Sunday, I came across this question. “How will you extravagantly love Jesus this week?” Okay, so my first thought was not how I love Jesus more but…I’m being honest here…How can my husband extravagantly love ME more this week? I would love me some of that! I wish he would sweep me up into his arms and hold me and tell me all the great things about me. I wish he would splurge on our next vehicle and get heated seats or better yet, a Volvo! 🙂 Just sayin!

But now I decide to flip the question around and wonder what extravagant things God might want:  I hear him saying, “I wish she would know how beautiful I made her. I wish she would give me her fears. I hope she develops the gifts that I put into her and doesn’t waste them. I hope she gives me her best and gives me glory as she does. I hope to see her smile and conquer her fears as she gives me the credit for helping her do the hardest things in life. That’s how I want to be extravagantly loved!!!” Wow, can you imagine the God of the Universe wanting us to just live out our lives well and trust Him in the process?

I want to extravagantly love Jesus.  I know that He deserves my love, attention, prayers, adoration, worship, focus, and faith, but I think He also wants us to live life to its fullest potential, risks and all. Could that really be another expression of extravagantly loving and worshiping our Savior ? What if he saw me kick out every fear based on the fact that I know He loves me and created me? What if I become the public speaker I desire to be as I shine His glory to my audience? What if I live my life to the fullest by living out of my freedom in Him? I think Jesus would feel really LOVED!! Let’s go for it!!

In his book, “Questions for Jesus,” Tony Stolzfus asks, “What about me are you delighted in, that you are looking forward to displaying before all of heaven?” He also asks, “Jesus, I am a little embarrassed when I think about being cheered by all on the stage of heaven. What do you want to say to me about that?”

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